Online Roulette 101: The Better Odds of European Roulette

Online Roulette 101: The Better Odds of European Roulette

Everybody that wants to play at online casinos wants to find ways to be more successful in the specific games they choose to play. The same is true for roulette players. The game is simple enough to learn so even newbies can start playing it in no time. However it’s also a fact that the game is banked heavily on luck, so whether you like it or not, there will always be off and on days.

When playing the game online, always look for the European version of the game. This version of the game only features 37 slots with only one 0. This has a much lower odds compared to that of the American version with its 38 slots and extra 00.

This is a game that’s positioned to favor the house every time. However, this fact doesn’t really deter people from still wanting to play and enjoy the game. It’s this particular challenge that seems to motivate people more to try and score a win.

Still, you’d want to get a better chance at winning. This means finding ways to get the odds to work more in your favor. Considering the notable difference between the odds for the European and American versions of the game, it’s no surprise to see that seasoned players of the game, as well as those that have been enjoying considerable success with online roulette, will always advise against playing the American version. The addition of the extra 00 slot seems to increase the house edge even more.

As far as how the game is played goes, there really isn’t that much difference between the two. No matter which version you end up playing, the rules are still going to be the same. The biggest difference is in the manner in which the numbers are distributed in both wheels.

The number distributions in a roulette wheel are done to ensure that there won’t be any potential biases in the evens, odds, blacks or reds all across. Besides, if any of these groups happen to exist on the wheel, it would easily be uncovered in the way the spins are done or how the dealers may favor certain areas of the wheel.

What’s generally cause for concern among those that have played the game for the longest time is the fact the American wheel has an additional 0, which players feel adds more to the house’s advantage.

This added 0 to the American wheels leads to a 5.26% chance of you losing against the house. Compare that to the European version where there’s only a 2.7% chance of you losing, that’s double the percentage for the American version!

Not many newbie players are aware of this. Considering how the game seems to be easy enough to play, a lot of novice players just start playing the first game they find without even taking a closer look at the chances of them winning. This is unfortunate as this would only lead to them losing a considerable amount of their bankroll without knowing.

This is why when gambling online, it doesn’t matter how easy to play a game seems to be. Always learn more about its odds before you start betting your hard-earned cash.

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