Live Slot Machines vs Online Slots— Are they Really that Different?

Live Slot Machines vs Online Slots— Are they Really that Different?

Slots have always been a popular game in land-based casinos. When online casinos started to open their doors, it was only a matter of time before slots became one of the most played games in the virtual gambling platforms as well. The online gambling option has made the game so accessible to the rest of the public that more and more people these days are ignoring land-based slots in favor of the online ones.

Both versions of the games offer certain advantages and downsides. If you haven’t yet quite made up your mind which version of the game you should consider, knowing the likenesses and differences between the two might help.

It’s a fact that technology has indeed made a massive contribution to the overall popularity of slots in online casinos. As people learned of the various conveniences of playing online, land-based casinos now have serious competition.

Still, there will always be those players that would prefer playing right smack in the middle of the buzz of activities in a busy traditional casino setting.

These are those players that would prefer pulling the actual lever of the slot machine when playing the game. to them, having to use a mouse to click a button that will get the virtual machine spinning on screen is just not going to replicate the fun of the real deal. 

The traditional machines in land-based casinos are designed to be operated with coins. To play the game, you’ll need to insert the minimum bet amount before pulling the lever. Games will usually have 3 to 5 reels. The reels will spin the moment the coin is entered into the machine and the level is pulled down. Whether you win or lose the game will depend on the results flashed on the screen.

Part of the design of these slot machines are the currency detectors. They are made to determine if the player has indeed out in the appropriate coin denominations. Unless the correct amount has been entered, the game will not start. The machine will then decide whether you won or not based on the results after you have pulled down the lever. How much you are going to win will also depend on the sign patterns that are reflected on the screen the moment the machine stops spinning.

Most of the interest that people have over live slots is the thrill and the considerable level of amusement that the game offers to players. In traditional casinos, the experience is not only limited to the actual game itself. People also get to enjoy the experience of the whole gambling ambiance.

Players get to be served drinks and beverages, there would be loud music, there will be all reactions from players as they work their way around their gameplay— all the activities that make a live gambling environment what it is.

However, if you want to play the game while enjoying a vast array of variations, nothing beats playing it online. Online casinos are known to offer not only the classic game but a number of variations as well.

Players have the option to go for the basic game with 3 reels involved to even games with multiple pay lines replete with bonus slots.

There are even progressive slots that would be perfect for players hoping to earn a little more than what they would if they were playing the regular games. With thousands of players accessing these online gambling platforms to play the game on a regular basis, the jackpot can increase faster.

Just don’t expect to play the game in an actual slot machine. There won’t be any need for you to pull down a real lever too. Instead, a computer program will be responsible for determining whether you win or lose.

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